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Botched Episodes

Botched | Terry Dubrow Hatches Plan to Take on Cement-Injected Face | E!

Botched | Vinny Wants to Become the “Perfect Alien” | E!

Botched | Doctors Take on a Difficult Case | E!

Botched | Patient Shows Off Serious “Galaxy Realness” | E!

“Botched” C-Section Leaves Patient Deformed | E!

Dee’s Bowling Ball Boobs Consultation | Botched | E!

Meet Herbert “Superman” Chavez | Botched | E!

Albert Reveals His Surgical Nightmare in Mexico | Botched | E!

The Body Mod Babe Wants Her Heart Removed?! | Botched | E!

Shauna Sand Has Diamonds in Her Teeth | Botched | E!

Kelsey “The Uniboob Queen” Tells Her Story | Botched | E!

“Botched” Patient Admits to Giving Young Daughter Botox | Botched | E!

“Botched” Patient Has a Twin Hiding Inside Her!? | Botched | E!

Celebrity Impersonator’s Excess Skin Surgery Goes Bad | Botched | E!

Human Ken Doll Is the First to Get Back Implants | Botched | E!

Removing Breast Implants Does What to Nipples?! | Botched | E!


Can “Botched” Doctors Help Patient With Ginormous Lips? | Botched | E!

Dr. Terry Dubrow’s Hand Gets Crushed By Giant Breast | Botched | E!

Blood Makes “Botched” Patient’s Mom Pass Out | Botched | E!

Bodybuilder “Muscle Goddess” Wants a Feminine Look| Botched | E!

Can the “Botched” Doctors Create a Human Blow-Up Doll?| Botched | E!

“Botched” Doctors Tackle an Alien Stomach!| Botched | E!

Can the “Botched” Doctors Create a Real Peter Pan?| Botched | E!

Patient Injected Cement in Face!| Botched | E!

Five Shocking “Botched” Moments | E!

Doctors Reveal Secrets to Bad Plastic Surgery | Botched | E!

Nose Procedure Shocks Patient’s Wife | Botched | E!

“Human Ken Doll” Shares Secret to Quick Recovery | Botched | E!

Scary News After Reconstructive Surgery | Botched | E!

Janice Dickinson Makes Scary Drug Demands | Botched | E!

Human Ken Doll” Looks Fit, But Is He? | Botched | E!

Doctors Find Piece of Nose in Patient’s Lip | Botched | E!

Is Tummy Tuck Repair Surgery Too Risky? | Botched | E!

Shocking Discovery in Transgender Breast Surgery | Botched | E!

Patient Monique Reveals Past Plastic Surgery | Botched | E!

Doctors Tackle a Uniboob | Botched | E!


Breast Cancer Survivor Gets Implants Fixed | Botched | E!


Shocking Discovery During Janice’s Surgery | Botched | E!

Madonna Impersonator Has a Better Nose than Madonna | Botched | E!

Human Ken Doll Designs Leg Implants | Botched | E!

Butt Implants Gone Completely Wrong | Botched | E!

Lacey Shows Off Incredible LLL Boob Trick! | Botched | E!

Janice Dickinson’s ’70s Boob Job Needs Help | Botched | E!

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Dr. Terry Dubrow featured on Media Planet: Future of Health Care: Avoiding a “Botched” Cosmetic Procedure

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