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Breast Lift

What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift is a cosmetic procedure that elevates the breasts to a more aesthetically pleasing position. Also known as a “mastopexy,” this surgery also adds a more attractive contour to the breasts by eliminating sagging skin and excess tissue. Unlike breast augmentation, a breast lift focuses on altering the position and shape of the breasts, rather than just improving fullness and volume.

How do I know if I need a Breast Lift?

A breast lift can be beneficial if you have a significant degree of sagging in your breasts and your nipples are at or below the breast fold. Typically, these conditions occur because of the following reasons:

  • Age
  • Pregnancy (breastfeeding)
  • Gravity
  • Fluctuations in weight
  • Genetics

Types of Breast Lift Procedures

Crescent Lift

When it is needed:
When there is minor sagging in the breasts and the nipples point forward.

Least invasive of all breast lift techniques. Incisions are made on the upper half of the areolas, so scarring is almost completely non-existent.

Benelli Lift

When it is needed:
When there is slight sagging in the breasts and asymmetry in the nipples.

Incisions are made around the areolas, eliminating noticeable scarring.

Lollipop Lift

When it is needed:
When there is moderate sagging in breasts and the nipples point downward.

Allows for tightening the breast tissue and repositioning of the nipples and areolas. Less scarring than the anchor lift.


When it is needed:
When there is significant sagging in the breasts and the nipples point downward.

Allows for more breast tissue and skin to be removed. Allows for tightening of the breast tissue, and repositioning of the areolas and nipples.

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  • How soon after pregnancy can I undergo a breast lift?

    A breast lift can usually be performed around six months after pregnancy occurs.

  • Will I need an enlargement along with a breast lift?

    No, a breast augmentation is not required when your breast lift procedure is performed. However, it is very common for women to have both procedures performed simultaneously in order to achieve the desired look.

  • Will my scars be noticeable?

    Breast lift incisions are strategically placed under the folds and in the creases of the breasts to ensure that scarring is as inconspicuous as possible. As with all incisions, scarring will fade with time. Avoiding exposure of your incisions to the sun for six months to a year will also help your scars to fade.

  • Is breast lift surgery covered by insurance?

    A breast lift is not not typically covered by your insurance provider.

  • Are the results of a breast lift permanent?

    You can expect the results of your breast lift to be long-lasting as long as you maintain your weight and avoid any future pregnancy.

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