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Wellness Medicine

Discover A Healthier You

Our Philosophy

Our doctors and staff believe that individualized wellness is a
major undertaking, much like running a marathon or climbing a mountain. People train for these activities – they diet, exercise, supplement themselves with oral and infused vitamins and they talk to the best coaches. Why shouldn’t your surgical, post- surgical and overall wellness care be treated like training for an elite competition. We can help.

Our Services

IV and Oral Supplementation

Our infusions and supplement packages are custom designed to address any symptoms you may be experiencing. Our individualized approach will give you everything you need to reduce stress, maximize your ability to heal, help you feel energized, improve athletic performance and recovery and make you the healthiest version of you.

Diet and Nutrition Plans

We need to define your goals within the setting of your life. We want to know not only what you want your body to look like but what you want your body to be able to do. In conjunction with bio-metric body analysis and unique IV and oral supplementation, we seek to give you a comprehensive, scientifically sourced diet and exercise program that fits into your life, your goals, your budget and gives you the tools to succeed in the long term.

Specialized Laboratory Testing

As part of our comprehensive evaluation strategy we can look at your basic labs or delve deeper into your nutritional needs and hormone production. These unique, cost- effective, specialized laboratory tests allow us to truly customize a program for you, the patient. Combined with biometric body analysis and the latest scientific data and supplements we can help you reach your full potential and live a healthier, longer life.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men and Women

Bio-identical hormone therapy can be used to treat the onset of menopause or andropause. This hormone decline is often the first time that people begin to feel “old.” Our scientifically based treatment protocols can help you:

    • Increase vitality
    • Reduce fatigue
    • Increase your sex drive
    • Improve cognition and memory
    • Reduce thinning hair or dry skin
    • Reduce hot flashes in women
    • Improve sleep
    • Reduce bone loss

Our strategy is to delve deeper into your nutritional needs and hormone production. Once we understand the root causes of what is holding you back, we can begin to address how to help you move forward.

Customized Meal Plan Design and Delivery

We can deliver delicious custom crafted meals, snacks and beverages, to your home or hotel. These packages are not only delicious, but help to reduce inflammation, curb sugar craving, support healthy intestinal flora, and form a framework for healthy longterm eating habits. Our individualized, science-based meals will give you what you need to heal or to jumpstart your diet and wellness plan.

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