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Repairing Botched Breast Surgery

Posted January 04, 2018 in Botched Breast Surgery

Closeup Of Naked Sexy Woman Body With Black Surgical Marks On Her BreastsWhen people think of botched breast surgery, most will assume that the patient went to an unskilled and uncaring doctor. While this can be true, it is not the only reason for the results of surgery, especially a procedure such as breast augmentation, to go awry. Even in the hands of a highly trained and experienced surgeon, there is never a guarantee that everything will go according to plan. While the idea of breast revision is not ideal or desired, it isn’t something to be feared, and undergoing revision surgery can prove to be one of the most rewarding and satisfying procedures.

What Are Natural Causes of “Botched” Breast Surgery?

Even when everything goes perfectly during the surgical process, implant abnormalities and deformities can occur due to healing irregularities, lifestyle changes, and other uncontrollable and unforeseen reasons.

Capsular Contracture

The most common complication with breast augmentation (or breast implants) is a condition known as capsular contracture. This occurs when scar tissue forms tightly and contracts around the implant, causing both pain and a changed breast appearance. While there are many elective reasons to undergo breast revision, revision for capsular contracture is required, as surgery is the only way to resolve it.

Implant Malposition

Another unforeseen complication can occur during the healing process. As your body heals and adjusts to the addition of an implant, it is possible for the implant to either change its position or overpower the thin tissue and skin of the breast. This results in implant shifting or implant malposition. This situation can cause “bottoming out” of the breasts or may result in breasts that appear unnatural.

Implant Rupture

Although implants are extremely reliable and long lasting, there is always a risk that they may rupture, which is when the shell of the implant tears. This can occur in any type of implant and may or may not be immediately noticeable to the naked eye.

Subsequent Pregnancy

Even if your procedure went well and you healed perfectly, future pregnancies can affect the results of your breast augmentation. Due to the rapid gain of breast volume during pregnancy and subsequent loss of volume after breastfeeding, the skin around the implants may stretch or the tissue may be redistributed and cause a change in the implant placement.

How Will Revision Surgery Be Performed?

Dr. Dubrow will tailor your breast revision surgery to fit your individual needs. No breast revision case will be exactly the same, and so the surgical process shouldn’t be either. When repairing capsular contracture, Dr. Dubrow will usually remove the constricting scar tissue and change out the implant. Implant malposition and shifting can be repaired by either adjusting and repositioning the scar tissue or adding a tissue support to reconstruct the breast pocket. With changes due to pregnancy, a breast lift may be all that is necessary to fix the problems; if more extensive repair is needed, Dr. Dubrow will perform a hand-tailored breast revision.

How Can Dr. Dubrow Help?

Dr. Dubrow is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has years of experience correcting the most complicated and severely botched procedures. He has performed thousands of breast revisions and always strives to create the most natural-looking results.