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Category: Injectable Fillers

Younger, Smoother Skin Overnight

Posted July 27, 2016

Are you getting ready to go on a vacation or have a big event approaching, such as a wedding or anniversary, and want to look your best? Many people know that special occasions often involve a lot of photos being taken. It especially doesn’t help that we live in a world focused on social media, […]

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Which Injectable Filler Is Best for Me?

Posted June 17, 2015

The Difference Between Facial Fillers There are many cosmetic procedures available to restore a youthful look to the face. For some people, surgical procedures like facelifts are desired, while others prefer less invasive treatments like injectable fillers. For those who wish to achieve a more attractive facial appearance through fillers, we carry several types to […]

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Always Undergo Injectable Treatments With a Professional

Posted April 01, 2015

Injectables Should Always Be Performed By a Professional No matter your lifestyle or gender, developing the signs of aging is inevitable. And while the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face may not seem too obvious when you’re in your 20s, as you enter your 30s and beyond these conditions can worsen into […]

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Face The New Year With Confidence

Posted January 24, 2014

As 2014 is among us, chances are you’ve already began your New Year’s resolution. If you’re concerned with how your face and body are aging, perhaps your goal this year is to focus on attaining a more youthful appearance. Even if you’ve already started one resolution, consider adding the following to your list. Quit Smoking […]

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Looking Forward to Turning 40

Posted October 30, 2013

Aging gracefully has never been so easy, especially with all the products and cosmetic procedures available today. Here are a few tips that will help you look your best as you embrace this new chapter of your life. 40 is the New 30!  Turning 40 used to be the most dreaded age for most women […]

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