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Why Should Men Care About Skin Care?

Posted September 18, 2015 in FotoFacial™, Men and Plastic Surgery, Peels, Plastic Surgery Advice, Skin Care

Spending a day at the spa to get a revitalizing facial is not just for women. Some men believe that only women need skin care, but the reality is, men need it just as much as women do. Both sexes can become victims of dry skin, acne, enlarged pores, oily shine, sun spots, and wrinkles. However, a good skin care routine can minimize or eliminate all of these problems. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Dubrow recommends a regular skin care routine for everyone, and he offers a variety of thorough skin care treatments and anti-aging products at his medical spa to keep your skin vibrant and healthy.

Men’s Skin vs. Women’s Skin

Men’s skin is subtly different from women’s skin. Because the male body produces more testosterone, men’s skin is slightly thicker and tougher, with larger pores and higher oil production. Nonetheless, tougher skin does not make it invincible or ageless; being a man does not make you immune to dirt, acne, dryness, or wrinkles.

Caring for Your Face

They say that your face is your moneymaker, but how much of a moneymaker can it be if it’s covered with acne, oily shine, or sun spots? Caring for your face helps you to make a good impression, look youthful and confident, and present yourself as a professional. Skin care products that heal dry skin, reduce pore size, minimize oiliness, and reduce or prevent fine lines and wrinkles can work for both men and women. Maintaining good skin care will help you cultivate a youthful, clear complexion that could be your key to success.

Establishing a Good Routine

Establishing a good routine is the best strategy for ensuring that your skin remains healthy, smooth, and youthful for years to come. Every time you shave, use a pre-shave moisturizing product such as shaving cream to protect your skin. Afterward, rinse thoroughly and apply a moisturizing cream or lotion. Well-trimmed facial hair or a clean-shaven face can make a man look professional, but shaving is tough on the skin. Therefore, always use a moisturizing cream to reduce irritation, redness, and dryness. Additionally, wear sunscreen if you spend time in the sun because UV rays can damage and age your facial skin. Finally, cleanse your face daily using a facial cleanser (not bar soap) to minimize oiliness and prevent the buildup of acne-causing bacteria.

Dr. Dubrow's Skin Care Products

Rejuvenating Treatments

Your appearance can also benefit from treatments that restore healthy, youthful skin. At his medical spa, Dr. Dubrow offers FotoFacial™ treatments to reduce redness and sun damage. Chemical peels can smooth the skin and reduce age spots and hyperpigmentation, and microdermabrasion treatment cleanses and softens the skin. The VI PEEL™ reduces acne scars and discolorations, and acne facials treat acne. All of these treatments and more can help keep your skin looking young and healthy.

Keep your skin healthy and strong with a regular skin care routine. For more thorough treatments, contact expert cosmetic surgeon Dr. Dubrow about his medical spa. Fill out our online contact form or call 949-515-4111 for more information about Dr. Dubrow’s medical spa and other cosmetic treatments.