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Fixing Your Breasts to Look Your Best

Posted March 20, 2017 in Botched, Breast Asymmetry, Breast Augmentation, Breast Revision, Capsular Contracture, Implant Leakage, Implant Rupture, Malposition

Gloved Hands Covering BreastsSeveral characteristics define who a woman is; one of the most notable traits is her breasts. When a woman is unhappy with the size, shape, or look of her breasts, it can affect her confidence. She may feel they are unattractive underneath revealing fashions, such as bathing suits or cleavage-baring tops, or unveiled. Because the breasts make up the silhouette of a woman’s body, she may find the only way to achieve the breasts she desires is by having breast enhancement surgery.

The first surgery that most often comes to mind is breast augmentation. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation remains the top procedure in the U.S.A. Although an effective method for altering the size and shape of the breasts, breast augmentation sometimes does not produce the results a woman desires. Whether due to botched surgery, unsatisfactory results, or changes in the body, some women may decide to undergo a revisional surgery to “fix” her breasts.

Reasons for Breast Revision

Dr. Dubrow sees many patients who want to undergo breast revision for many different reasons, and he performs every surgery with an individualized approach.

Changing Implant Size

The ratio of the breasts to the body is an important factor that a woman should consider before undergoing breast augmentation surgery. The size of the breasts should match the body frame to create an overall balanced body. A common complaint among breast augmentation patients seeking revision is breast size; their resulting breasts are either too big or too small.

Dr. Dubrow can add or remove saline solution to adjust the size of saline implants, or he can replace silicone implants with new ones to meet the patient’s desired breast size. Typically, the original incision (either around the areola, within the breast crease, or through the armpits) is used, and recovery and care are the same as the original breast augmentation surgery.

Breast Implant Complications

Although breast augmentation is a safe and effective method, as with any surgery, there is always a chance complications may arise. Most of the time, these complications do not pose any serious medical risks but can create aesthetically unappealing results. The following factors may be reasons women choose to undergo breast revision:

  • Malposition: Implants can shift following breast implant surgery, and breast revision surgery repositions them back into place.
  • Implant rupture or leakage: The silicone shell of the breast implant can break. An MRI is used to detect silicone implant leakage, while an obvious deflation of the breast implant is shown in saline implants.
  • Capsular contracture: The fibrous tissue forms and tightens around the breast implant, which can cause the implant to become firm and distorted.
  • Asymmetrical breasts: The breasts naturally have slight asymmetry; however, a noticeable difference in breast size after augmentation can be corrected with breast revision.
  • Poor shape: The shape of the breasts can be affected by poor surgical technique or complications following breast augmentation surgery.

The breasts are important to a woman. If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your breasts, Dr. Dubrow can help! He has seen many patients who want to correct unsatisfactory results from a previous surgery. He is known for revisional surgeries and has proven his skills as a board-certified plastic surgeon on the show Botched. Contact us by calling (949) 515-4111 or by filling out our online contact form.