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Orange County’s Local Face Lift Specialist

Posted September 05, 2012 in News

When you stand up, do you wish you looked like you do when you are laying down? Do you find yourself looking in the mirror and pulling back the skin on your face ever so slightly, and wishing you could always look like that? Well, you can! Dr. Dubrow has developed a technique where you can achieve that look with very little down time. We call it the “Local Face Lift”and by the name, you know it’s done under local anesthesia. Yes…you did read correctly, local anesthesia! Scars are virtually invisible as they are hidden within the natural folds around your face so you could be out to dinner and showing off your freshened up look within 5-7 days!

This procedure is often coupled with the state of the art FX CO2 laser. This laser reduces wrinkles and frown lines and softens deeper frown lines, noticeably improves skin tone and texture and stimulates new collagen to plump the skin. With the proper sun protection, your results can last for many years.

Just one or both of these procedures together can erase years leaving you fresh-faced, looking great and ready show everyone how amazing you look and feel! Don’t just imagine achieving all of this under local…come in for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Dubrow and make it happen!